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Ideal for executive conferences and desking situations, Robus supports users who are engaged in long meetings, heads-down deskwork, and light computing. Robus is also ingeniously engineered to achieve a significant level of passive ergonomics, with a faceted sewing detail on the seat that provides significant rear-leg relief in reclined positions. This faceted application contributes to its richly comfortable sitting experience, while presenting a strong visual statement of elegance, grace, and enduring harmony.

Design and options

  • General Environment, Executive Conference and Desk, Light Task.
  • Arms – Fixed height D-arms.
  • Arm Caps – upholstered or urethane, designed to reduce impact of chair frames with surrounding work surfaces.
  • Finishes – Polished aluminum or powder coated (arms and base).

Sustainable design features

  • GREENGUARD IAQ Certified.
  • Level® 1 Certified
  • Recycled content aluminum base and arms.
  • CFC-free, molded polyurethane foam cushions.
  • VOC-free powder coat finish.
  • Water-based adhesives.





A. 17.5"–21.5"
B. 19"
C. 20.5"
D. 20.5"
E. 37.75"–42.75"
Robus Size 6 Medium Back
A. 17.5"–21.5"
B. 19"
C. 24"
D. 20.5"
E. 41.5"–46.5"
Robus Size 8 High Back
A. 24.75"
B. 20.5"
C. 7.5"
Robus Size 6 Medium Back Fixed Arm
A. 24.75"
B. 20.5"
C. 7.5"
Robus Size 8 High Back Fixed Arm


Designed by Aodh O Donnell

Irish-born Aodh O Donnell first joined Stylex as an intern while studying at Philadelphia University. It was there that he gained recognition with his Armadillo chair, which won the Wilsonart Design Challenge. Upon receiving his degree, he began working with Stylex fulltime and now serves as its Director of Design.

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