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Quick Screens

Reconfigurable at a moment’s notice without the use of special tools, Quick upholstered screens live up to their name. These lightweight spatial dividers, which can be quick-shipped in as few as 10 days with select textiles, support any foreseeable situation, be it retrofitting an office for density, creating an ad-hoc lounge, or temporarily enforcing greater social distance.


Quick offers privacy and protection to seated and standing users. Serving the ever-changing needs of the contract, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and educational markets, Quick also safeguards employees’ physical and mental well-being as they return to their places of work.

Core Components

  • 54”H x 30”W Screen
  • 54”H x 48”W Screen
  • 68”H x 30”W Screen
  • 68”H x 48”W Screen


  • 54” and 68” heights
  • 30” and 48” widths
  • Standard base
  • Caster base
  • Freestanding
  • Ganged


Open-cell polyurethane foam is adhered to an internal polystyrene and wood-based panel core.  Each panel includes an internal counterweight at the base to increase product stability.

Sustainable Design Features

  • Recyclable steel bases
  • VOC-free powder coat finish
  • Water-based adhesives
  • CARB-Certified internal plywood and MDF




Standard Base 54"H x 30"W
Standard Base 54"H x 48"W
Standard Base 68"H x 30"W
Standard Base 68"H x 48"W
Caster Base 57.75"H x 30"W
Caster Base 57.75"H x 48"W
Caster Base 71.75"H x 30"W
Caster Base 71.75"H x 48"W


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