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Rethinking Space

Stylex’s 2020 product introductions explore ideas of privacy and visibility, not only with the pieces themselves—a collection of screens, chairs, and tables—but also through their use of color. Each is available with hundreds of textile choices or dozens of materials; each also comes in our updated palette of 26 powder coats, allowing you the freedom to express your brand however you’d like, from subtle and subdued to bold and proud.

Subtle and Subdued
to Bold and Proud.

Color is one avenue for specifiers to impart a product with a range of personalities. Bold hues stand out, telling a proud story; soft shades speak quietly, harmonizing with the whole. We updated our color palette for 2020 to increase this range of expression and provide a contemporary palette.

With this goal in mind, we are now offering Verve polypropylene shells in five new colors, including Dusty Pink and Soft Blue, expanding the total number to 15 hues. The Verve powder coat selection has been similarly curated by adding 11 new options and retaining 15 of the existing ones. The bottom line is a total of 26 powder coat finishes. All these new colors have been made available across the Stylex line.

Verve, along with all our other products, now effectively provides a broad, new set of characteristics and a higher level of personalization.

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