Sava Cvek

Sava Cvek graduated from The Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade and went on to earn a Masters in Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is the founder and principal of SCA Development International, creating products that achieve a unique design perspective and highly-engineered ergonomics. SCA products have received more than 30 utility and design patents in the U.S and internationally, as well as being included in the collections of The Museum of Contemporary Architecture in Chicago and The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Cvek is a visiting faculty member in the Industrial Design Department of the Rhode Island School of Design.


Designed by award-winning architect Sava Cvek and backed by more than half a century of Stylex know-how, SAVA® represents a revolution in control, comfort, and movement. Its groundbreaking Balanced Tilt mechanism functions through a set of user-friendly, clearly visible paddle adjustments to optimize the seated experience. With its flexible seat pan and a back that pivots around a forward point under that seat, the chair delivers correct geometry to achieve a grounded, remarkably responsive ride that is both poised and effortless for a wide range of individuals. In fact, SAVA has been fully tested for users up to 325 pounds.


SAVA® is a product designed to perform many different functions, depending on the specification. 4-paddle controls with fixed arms work well in the executive office. 4-paddle controls with height-adjustable arms are more suitable to a heads-down, computer-intensive environment. For conference, the two 2-paddle control with fixed arms might be ideal. The line’s flexibility permits the specifier to address one particular area or the entire office. Just as different components can be combined for a broad range of applications, so can the upholstery style be selected for different tastes. Euro is rather relaxed. Thin Pad makes an executive expression. The Standard upholstery means business without pretension. All in all, SAVA smoothly addresses the broad spectrum of requirements the modern office demands. It’s a multi-purpose, multi-tasking product line that always feels coherent and singular.


SAVA® wasn’t conceived to be flashy or faddish. Rather, it is simply timeless. All three versions – Standard, Euro, and Thin Pad – present distinctively clean, classical lines, in addition to the most advanced ergonomics. Making a sophisticated first impression and performing beautifully throughout its working life, this family of chairs is built for demanding, knowledgeable users in this generation and the next, and the next.

Key Features

  • Ergonomics – Balanced Tilt motion supports full range of ‘feet on the floor’ motion.
  • Multi-Task adjustments (4-paddle) – recline tension, seat height, tilt lock, seat depth.
  • Conference adjustments (2-paddle) – seat height and tilt lock.
  • Upholstery – three styles: Standard, Euro, and Thin Pad.
  • Back size – Medium and High back available in most models. Thin Pad is a High back only.
  • Arms – adjustable height task arm with upholstered or urethane arm cap; fixed loop conference arm with optional plastic arm cap.

Sustainable Design Features

  • GREENGUARD IAQ Certified.
  • Recycled content aluminum frame.
  • Recycled content steel components.
  • Recycled content engineering thermoplastic seat pan.
  • All major components are easily field-replaceable.
  • Highly recyclable at end of service life.

Statement Of Line


Medium Back

Medium Back Adjustable T-Arms

Medium Back Fixed D-Arms

Medium Back Fixed T-Arms

High Back

High Back Adjustable T-Arms

High Back Fixed D-Arms

High Back Fixed T-Arms