Ridge Guest

Aodh O Donnell

Irish-born Aodh O Donnell first joined Stylex as an intern while studying at Philadelphia University. It was there that he gained recognition with his Armadillo chair, which won the Wilsonart Design Challenge. Upon receiving his degree, he began working with Stylex fulltime and now serves as its Director of Design.


A bucket chair with a twist. Quite literally, Ridge Guest draws on the archetypal bucket chair and distinguishes itself by adding a twisting bevel detail on its upper perimeter. Subtly blending purity of form with contemporary accents, Ridge Guest confidently presents its harmonious ergonomic form.


Ridge Guest provides seating comfort, based on fundamental ergonomic principles, and contemporary styling that enhance the character of any environment. Functionality is elevated through the selection of the four blade base, which offers a free or return to center swivel feature,  or the conference base which provides tilt, casters, height adjustability, as well as swivel features.


  • Radius Sled Frame
  • Cantilever Sled Frame
  • Four-Leg Frame
  • Wood Frame
  • Fixed Height Swivel – 16” and 18”
  • Adjustable Height Swivel


  • Dual-upholstery on various panels
  • Contrasting Thread


  • Shell is rigid polyurethane interior over-molded with soft, plant-based polyurethane foam
  • Seat is 5/8” plywood with a 2.25” molded foam, high-density topper
  • Cantilivered sled base frames: 1”, 13-gauge steel tube
  • Radius sled and 4-leg frames: 5/8”, 16-gauge steel tube
  • Wood frames: white oak, maple, or walnut


  • GREENGUARD IAQ Certified
  • Recycled content aluminum base (four and five-blade models)
  • Recycled content steel frames (sled base and 4-leg models)
  • Plant-based polyurethane molded foam
  • VOC-free powder coat finish
  • Water-based adhesives

Radius Sled Frame

Cantilever Sled Frame

Four-Leg Frame

Wood Frame

Fixed Height Swivel - 18" High

Fixed Height Swivel Return - 18" High

Fixed Height Swivel - 16" High

Fixed Height Swivel Return - 16" High

Adjustable Height Swivel